You are What You Eat- By Danee Kiernan of Bouncing with Style: Starting over but Not From Scratch: Starting Over but Not From Scratch

Danee Kienan co-author Bouncing with Style

Danee Kienan co-author Bouncing with Style

By Danee Kiernan

Life is Almost Always Good and co-author of Bouncing with Style: Starting over but Not From Scratch. #9

I eat. A lot.  Mostly I crave salty crunchy snacks…..But really anything unhealthy and remotely related to chips will do in a pinch…..or at any other time for that matter. 

My coping by emotional eating was all me….No one else was shoving these morsels of emotionally satisfying deliciousness into my stomach and I needed to be a big girl (no pun intended) and accept this to be true. I reluctantly began to take note of how I ate, when I ate, the volume of what I ate and why I ate. 

It was a big baby step, but I committed to thinking healthier thoughts surrounding my eating. I felt capable thinking about it……It’s kind of like sitting and watching an exercise video on TV……You are gaining knowledge, thinking about the benefits and considering doing it…maybe one day….but just not there yet. 

That’s where I started. 

I also added a page in my notebook dedicated to the words: No excuses… No more excuses. No more excuses….It was time.  Time to seriously be responsible for me and my personal recovery….No one else could do it for me….I could see that now.   I needed to commit to me, to be in charge of my life and my body, both emotionally and physically.  I remember thinking that just thinking about my food intake and choices, was a monumental and emotionally exhausting move. 

I promised myself that once I felt stronger, I would begin designing and walking the path to where I wanted my life to be and start living the life I so desperately wanted to have.


Danee Kiernan is a writer, parent, entrepreneur and co-author of Bouncing with Style: Starting over but Not From Scratch: Starting over but Not From Scratch.  She connects with others based on her experiences as a full time woman, full time mom (adoptive, birth & foster), stay at home mom, working woman and business owner.  She hopes that sharing her experiences openly will help others to find their bounce.  Danee is a powerful advocate for women’s rights, especially every woman’s right to choose her own destiny and build the life that she desires.

Danee Kiernan earned a BS degree in Elementary Education with an early childhood specialization fromIowaWesleyanCollege, and an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Danee believes in the importance of love, family and pursuing dreams.   She makes her home inWisconsin, where she and husband Jim, are thoroughly enjoying the experience of raising their 12 children. 

You can reach Danee Kiernan at


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