Operation Best Friend By Sandra Beck of Bouncing with Style: Starting over but Not From Scratch

Sandra Beck  co-author Bouncing with Style

Sandra Beck co-author Bouncing with Style

By Sandra Beck

Starting Over but Not from Scratch and author of Bouncing with Style. #12.

Well Saturday dawned bright and cheery. A brisk wind accompanied the smell of popcorn, peanuts and hot dogs at our local ball park where my older son was bored in the outfield. My toddler was climbing up and down the bleachers as the other parents settled in for a fun afternoon of baseball.  I was briefed early that morning for my mission by my Navy Seal. All it would take it the trigger- and the trigger was to prevent me from saying hi to my son.

Sure enough, my little son saw me and waved crying “Mommy!”  As he went to climb down, the girlfriend scooped him up and plied him with grape soda, a lolly pop and a tickle. It didn’t work. My son had not seen or spoken to me in two days thanks to my ex and his unanswered cell phone so he was ready for mom…quite frankly I was ready for a chubby, sticky hug myself.  Neither my son nor I would be deterred from saying hello.

Following my instructions to the letter I climbed the bleachers and sat down next to the girlfriend.  I put a pleasant smile on my face, but kept my eyes deadly serious.  With a low modulated voice I spoke to here. “I’m going to be your new best friend.  When you prevent me from seeing my child or interfere with my calls or at public events you will find me waiting by your car, hanging out with your friends and family,  talking to your kids. I will be your new best friend.”

She shifted nervously darting a glance at me as I smiled with a bizarrely calm grin.  “In fact, every time you interfere with my relationship with my sons I will give you a present.  You won’t know what or where, but you will definitely know it is from me. It will be like birthdays and Christmas all rolled into one.”  At that point I gave her my brightest, fakest and most insincere smile. 

“We have nothing to talk about,” she hissed as my son slid onto my lap. 

I raised up my voice loud enough for the local gossips to take note “Oh Girlfriend, we have lots to talk about.  When you slept with my husband while I was pregnant with this little one and used my company funds to pay for your seedy hotel rooms and cheap dinners  you opened the door to all sorts of communication.”,

I don’t know who was more still.  The Girlfriend or the people sitting around us pretending not to listen.  I feigned interest in the game as she fumed.  Picking up my son in preparation for a sticky treat from the snack bar, I paused at the bottom of the bleachers, “Happy Birthday,” I said as my son sang his two year old version of the same song.

Internet Brand Strategist Sandra Beck, owner of Motherhood Incorporated is also the host of Motherhood Talk Radio and Military Mom Talk Radio powered by Toginet Communications.  A powerful advocate for mothers’ right to choose what is best for their family and using technology to make those choices possible, Sandra Beck paves the way for women today to determine the course of their own lives and live their best possible life.  Sandra Beck makes her home in Acton,California. She is the single mother of two young boys, Max and Zachary Levin and she is the author of The Smart Woman’s Guide to Working from Home and Blogphoria – How to Reach Millions without Spending a Dime.

Sandra Beck has authored a Life Coaching Lesson Series  titled  Starting Over but Not From Scratch and author of Bouncing with Style, based on her experience as a stay at home mother, full time working mother, part time working mother and self employed mother working from home.  It is her hope that these articles help women create their own life with respect to their needs of themselves and their family.  These articles are offered for informational purposes only and are not intended to take the place of a licensed professional.


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