Becoming Great Men By Sandra Beck of Bouncing with Style: Starting over but Not From Scratch

Sandra Beck co-author Bouncing with Style

Sandra Beck co-author Bouncing with Style

By Sandra Beck, Bouncing with Style


When I think of leading my boys through their life and helping them become great men I kind of cringe and hide for a moment, sometimes eating chips to ease the stress. Then I go to the gym and curse every chip still wondering how I as a single mother am supposed to raise two great men.  Then I think about all the leadership training I have received and how much I have done for other people.  You’d think I’d take my own advice…


So today I thought a lot about what makes a great leader – whether we are leading ourselves, our families, our companies or our troops.  I believe it all comes down to heart.


In my mind true leaders, regardless of rank, put the team goals at the forefront of the mission and put their own agenda aside.  True leaders work hard to possess the confidence that can be elusive, but is so necessary for the job.  Mostly I think they serve out of love for what they are doing.


I love being a mom. I love being a friend. I love being in service to my country. The only thing common in those statements are I love.  If you love what you do it becomes effortless.  If you love what you do, you don’t need to be afraid.  I had to remind myself that the heart of the matter is the heart. Lead with your heart but listen to your head and you will achieve greatness in whatever you do – and so will those around you.


Internet Brand Strategist Sandra Beck, owner of Motherhood Incorporated is also the host of Motherhood Talk Radio and Military Mom Talk Radio powered by Toginet Communications.  A powerful advocate for mothers’ right to choose what is best for their family and using technology to make those choices possible, Sandra Beck paves the way for women today to determine the course of their own lives and live their best possible life.  Sandra Beck makes her home inActon,California. She is the single mother of two young boys, Max and Zachary Levin and she is the author of The Smart Woman’s Guide to Working from Home and Blogphoria – How to Reach Millions without Spending a Dime.


Sandra Beck has authored a Life Coaching Lesson Series titled  Starting Over but Not From Scratch and author of Bouncing with Style. based on her experience as a stay at home mother, full time working mother, part time working mother and self employed mother working from home.  It is her hope that these articles help women create their own life with respect to their needs of themselves and their family.  These articles are offered for informational purposes only and are not intended to take the place of a licensed professional.


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