Yeah Right, Be Still By Sandra Beck of Bouncing with Style: Starting over but Not From Scratch

Sandra Beck co-author Bouncing with Style

Sandra Beck co-author Bouncing with Style

By Sandra Beck, Bouncing with Style


Yeah Right.  Be Still.


When my friend told me this, I was like Man you are off your rocker…you want me a single mother of two boys, mid custody battle, staving off foreclosure and gaining weight to be still.


Yep, he said.  Be Still.


So I sat down on the floor like a yogi. More to demonstrate my annoyance with the process than really seeking inner peace.  No what I demanded of my friend.  He said, “Be quite and offer all your worries up to your higher power and finish with what you are thankful for.”


I snorted.  I closed my eyes and complained to my God.  I started with “Great job on the ex-husband, God. That was a real winner…”  It went downhill from there until I had pretty much enumerated all that was on my mind from state tax hikes to split ends. I took a deep breath wanting to kick my friend for looking so serene and decided I would think about what I was grateful for.


It was weird but when I did I felt myself starting to relax I felt good.  It felt good.  To unload everything in my mind to my higher power and really think about what I was grateful for.  It worked. I did feel better.  I still wanted to kick my serene friend but that was just because he was so smug.


Next time you have too much to carry, sit and be still. Offload and think about what you are grateful for.  Mock me all you want, but it works.


Internet Brand Strategist Sandra Beck, owner of Motherhood Incorporated is also the host of Motherhood Talk Radio and Military Mom Talk Radio powered by Toginet Communications.  A powerful advocate for mothers’ right to choose what is best for their family and using technology to make those choices possible, Sandra Beck paves the way for women today to determine the course of their own lives and live their best possible life.  Sandra Beck makes her home inActon,California. She is the single mother of two young boys, Max and Zachary Levin and she is the author of The Smart Woman’s Guide to Working from Home and Blogphoria – How to Reach Millions without Spending a Dime.


Sandra Beck has authored a Life Coaching Lesson Series titled  Starting Over but Not From Scratch and author of Bouncing with Style. based on her experience as a stay at home mother, full time working mother, part time working mother and self employed mother working from home.  It is her hope that these articles help women create their own life with respect to their needs of themselves and their family.  These articles are offered for informational purposes only and are not intended to take the place of a licensed professional.



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